Saturday, October 31, 2015

BTS: The Making of Rhian’s Birthday Surprise

by: Khytt L & CybeRhians Team Writers (CTW) edited by: Deah/Cyberhians

When you plan, you have that sense of control. But when life suddenly puts bumps on the road and things do not go as you have planned, you start to panic. And in that moment of panic, you are faced with the question “What now?”

The people on this version of the birthday surprise story never met before Rhian came into their lives. This is only an attempt at recreating what happened behind the scenes of the CybeRhians’ birthday surprise for our dear Rhian Ramos on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Balik Tanaw sa Rastro Fans Day

By Seydi/Cyberhians
October 27, 2015

Naniniwala ako na minsan sa buhay natin tayo ay humanga o namangha sapagkat bawat isa sa atin ay may sariling personalidad at ilan sa mga bagay na bumubuo ng ating personalidad ay ang mga taong lubos nating hinahangaan at minsan pa sa sarili mo, unti unti ka nang binabago nito ng hindi mo namamalayan… mga bgay na hindi mo nagagawa noon mas magagawa mo na ngayon dahil na rin sa salitang "paghanga".

Sept 5 2015 - yung isang ordinaryong araw na ginawang napaka the best day sa "rastro fans" GLAIZA DE CASTRO at RHIAN RAMOS. Sino ang hindi mag mamahal sa mga taong katulad nila. Sa taglay na ganda at galing sa pag arte na kahit personal na buhay nila ay binabahagi na. Matagal nang hinintay ng lahat ang muli nilang pagsasama kahit ako sa sarili ko, ramdam ko ang pananabik na muli silang masilayan na nagpakilig sa teleseryeng "THE RICH MAN’S DAUGHTER" hatid nila’y saya na worth it naman ang paghanga mo sa knila.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Ripple Effect of that Time Rhian said, “Yes!”

by:  Khytt L./Cyberhians, Cebu
October 6, 2015

Journey to the PAST: October 3, 2003 - ‘Twas a very special day for me because I met a kindred soul named PG.  I was oblivious though, that somewhere, at that same time, someone very special was actually celebrating her birthday.

An unexpected PRESENT: Earlier this year, our birthday girl Rhian Ramos said YES to a project with little to no preparation, causing a ripple effect, as her portrayal of Jade Tanchingco in “The Rich Man’s Daughter” revealed a Personal TRUTH to yet again, the oblivious “me.” “THE TRUTH WILL CHANGE HER LIFE FOREVER. -TRMD”

Rewind to 7 Years ago: October 6, 2008: I got calls and texts from family and friends, greeting me a “Happy Birthday.”
No one knew where I was since the afternoon of Oct.5, so they all bombarded me with questions. I really didn’t mean to make anyone worry, so I told them I was safe, just waiting at the airport…

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Am A Proud Supporter Of Rhian Ramos

by Elizabeth/Cyberhians
October 5, 2015


As a Chief Operating Officer of a fast growing engineering and construction company, I have no more time for extra curricular activities. My daily office routine was focused mainly on formulating efficiency and productivity methods, quality programs, customer service relationship, optimizing profit and training programs. At home, I was living a simple life like reading, watching foreign movies, and made sure that my seven dogs of different breeds eat on time, had vitamins and in good health.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dreaming of Meeting Rhian For The First Time

October, 3, 2015
Mae Santos/Cyberhians
Antipolo Rizal

I am currently 21 years old. I am a college student and taking up Business Administration course. A girl with simple finish my course and graduate and to have business of my own. Actually its not my first course choice dahil gusto ko talaga maging Interior Designer someday.

So there, here is my story about how I started liking Rhian and how I finally end up...still loving Rhian all this time. I was just watching a noontime show or drama at that particular time when a commercial just caught my attention, sabi ko..."Ang ganda naman niya, ano kayang pangalan niya?" That was the first time I saw her in TV and from that day lagi ko na inaabangan yung Jelly McTrio commercial until Captain Barbell happened. Then one time napanood ko yung Captain Barbell...I saw a very familiar face sabi ko "siya nga yun...yung sa commercial!". From there nalaman ko na yun pala pangalan niya. I started searching for her name sa Friendster but ganun naman talaga pag celebrity diba di mo talaga mahahanap real accounts nila and I ended up adding parodies... in short fake accounts. Tapos nauso ang twitter.. I figured out na andun daw mga artista kaya gumawa naman ako at nagbakasakaling hanapin nanaman si Ate Rhian dun, then I found "@whianwamos"... naghehesitate nga ko nung una kasi nadala na ko sa friendster pero as I have observed "this is it!" Naaddict tuloy ako sa twitter dahil sa kakastalk sa kanya...oops! :P

Kazz Story About Rhian

October 3, 2015
by Kazz/Cyberhians

Dear Rhi,

A big hiii to the most gorgeous girl in this whole world. Let me introduce myself, I am your international fan Karishma Dey (Kazz) from India. Gonna write my heart out today. As being from India, we hardly have knowledge and access to your country. But to my delight, as I was surfing net saw an episode from 'Rich Man's Daughter'. I must admit, the moment I saw you I found you really beautiful and sweet. Your acting is marvellous, I fell in love with everything you do. The way you smiled, cried, laughed just mesmerised me.


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